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How is Darker Skin Different?

It’s important to choose the right skin care for your particular needs, and although the basic needs are the same whatever colour your skin may be, darker skin tones are more likely to face certain issues.

The only real difference between pale skin and dark skin is the amount of melanin – the cells which produce the skin’s pigment. When the skin is irritated or sun damaged, this presents as a darkened or ashen appearance in darker skin, and as a pink, red or mottled tan appearance in paler skin.

Dark Skin and Sun Damage

The additional melanin in darker skin gives you a greater natural defence against sun damage; dark skin can handle sun exposure better, and the damage doesn’t show as easily. However, unprotected sun exposure can still damage darker skin – giving you uneven skin tone, wrinkles and meaning that damage such as scars can take longer to heal. Make sure you protect your skin with a broad - spectrum sunscreen at regular intervals when you’re out in the sun – and subscribe to VanityBeautyClub for more fantastic beauty advice and weight loss programme designed just for you.Join us now it"s only £10 per month. Look at Amazon,Ebay,App store and Alibaba for bargains.