The New Year's resolutions that will transform your skin, make-up and confidence

Double Cleanse: Contrary to popular, somewhat cynical, belief, double cleansing isn’t just a gimmick to get us to buy twice the product but in fact what the dermatologists recommend. Why? The first cleanse will wipe of grime, bacteria and make-up (now so advanced that it takes a far more mighty cleanse to remove), the second cleanse removing any signs of make-up remover, while softening skin and deep cleaning pores.  Recent research by Lancôme suggests that any product that you treat skin with will work twice as hard if it follows a double cleanse.  Sounds like the perfect beauty economy to us.


Use make-brushes: If you spend money on make-up, spend a little extra on brushes to get the most out of it.  Using brushes is the one major difference between professional and amateur make-up, because while it may take longer and cost a little more, nothing gives a better blend, or such a real-skin finish that lasts. Start out with a foundation brush to get your confidence.