Practice the mantra, healthy looks better than thin:

As clinical hypnotherapist Jacqueline Hurst so rightly says, “healthy is beautiful’! Start thinking about ‘health’ rather than ‘size’.”  She implores us to “focus on getting cool with your perfect imperfections. We are all perfectly imperfect and trust me, in the years of coaching I have done, the thousands of clients I have seen, I am yet to meet a ‘perfect’ one. So if you think you know someone who is perfect, I would suggest stepping out of your imaginary world and looking at the facts.”

The moment I stopped dieting, I dropped pounds.   Why? Because you stop letting your head control your portion size, and start tuning into your body which is a far more efficient appestat than any rulebook.   Hurst adds, “Stressing out about your body is not helping you. Take a breath and relax. The first thing you need to learn to do is get your head right. If you are constantly judging yourself and being mean to yourself it is going to make everything worse.”  On the science side of the argument, it’s also worth pointing out that stress boosts levels of cortisol in the body, which helps the body store fat, particularly around the midriff.  Take our advice and relax, while enjoying food and the body your in.