Feel Good Factor

It’s hard to avoid articles and news reports on the detrimental effects our lifestyle choices are having on our health. But you’ll be pleased to hear there are some good, happy, health stories out there. They don’t cost a penny, they can make you feel good and might make your life a little more pleasant.

Hugging helps

Who DOESN’T LOVE A big old hug, especially when times are tough? There’s no doubt hugging or touching hands with friends and loved ones makes us feel better in difficult situations but it’s also scientifically proved to help reduce stress and ease pain. A study* by scientists at the University of California revealed that the touch or sight of a loved one can reduce pain in times of distress. Who can argue with that?

Good sleep equals good sex

There have been many studies on the health benefits associated with a good night’s sleep, and now there’s another great reason to get some quality shut-eye. A study by the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory* found women who get more sleep have higher sex drives and better sex. And with every additional hour of sleep, sexual desire rises and increases the likelihood of having sex with your partner by up to 14 per cent.