Start with your feet hip-distance apart on the resistance band, holding the ends of the straps in both hands. Sink down into a squat position, with the knees above the ankles, while bending the arms into a bicep curl. Keep the chest up, back flat and core engaged. Straighten up as you release the arms by your side. 

The tighter you grab the bands, the harder the work. Perform three sets of 10, with a 20-second rest in between.

Works: glutes, core and biceps

Start with the right foot forward, left foot back and the heel lifted, ready to perform a lunge. Fold the resistance band in two, holding the loop in the right hand behind your head, grabbing both ends of the band in the left hand behind your back. Lunge down, sending the left knee to the floor as you extend both hands away from each other. Keeping the right elbow tucked in, stay straight up with your shoulders and hips directly above the left knee.  

Perform the exercise eight–10 times, then repeat on the left. Take a 20-second rest and repeat two more sets of right and left.

Start with your feet hip-distance apart on the resistance band, cross the straps and hold them in both hands. Lower down slightly and back into the heels, keeping the chest up, core engaged and back straight. Try to open the arms to a 90-degree angle, using the upper back, while maintaining the position in the rest of your body.  

Repeat eight–10 times for three sets, taking a 20-second rest in between. Bonus: this one is great for your posture.

Works: upper back